Only Words

A. Joshua W.
2 min readApr 6, 2024


Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

How do I make them make sense

And effectively communicate

Through simple conversation

Or through the words I write

Thoughts & feelings this intense?

No matter how much I ruminate

In endless elucidation,

I could never get it right.

I always struggle against

The pressure to perfectly articulate

And the fear of misinterpretation,

And I usually lose the fight.

Although I must say, in my defense,

You do tend to captivate

The entire world’s population

With awe & wonder at first sight.

When we met, I was terrified

Falling in love was not my goal

Besides, I thought, I had no chance

Courting an angel here on Earth.

But no matter how hard I tried

To maintain my self-control

I could not help but be entranced

Or stop hope’s untimely birth.

Futilely, I denied

The whisper in my soul

The yearning of my hands

To hold you when it hurts.

The emptiness I felt inside

Your presence filled the hole.

My heart, you see, understands

What you are truly worth.

Your pain to me is beautiful;

It made you who you are.

I see perfection in your flaws.

I die to hear your voice.

For a moment it seemed you, too, felt

Something — but like a shooting star

Lights the dark then soon withdraws,

So vanished all my joys.

I waited for the other shoe to fall,

Knowing that I'd fall far,

For all I ever wanted was

To be your heart’s first choice.

But one thing is irrefutable,

And you told me from the start:

You’ll never love me simply because

You only fall for the very bad boys.

If you, beloved, had asked me

To pull down the moon

To give to you for you to wear

On your finger upon a ring,

Without hesitation, I would've happ'ly,

In a plane or hot air balloon,

Flown high up through the air

As the stars were shimmering.

All night I’d fly, then at last be

On my way back next afternoon.

When night fell, the skies would be bare,

And you would have your lunar bling

And the stars, too, I’d have for thee,

Arranged at your feet in a glittering lagoon.

But one thing, I could never dare:

Being unkind to you, darling.

Time’s indifferent door shall close

And I must say goodbye

To a love unrequited

And music never heard,

For every hopeless dreamer knows

That every dream must die

And should one try to fight it

One only seems absurd.

Had I been the one you chose

To be your reason why

I would have always provided

For you while I stoically endured

The daggers that life throws.

I’d have given you wings to fly.

But I was not, so I stay quiet-

After all, they’re only words.



A. Joshua W.

Full-time single father of 3 sons, INFJ, HSP/empath, narc abuse survivor, former rising star in chiropractic until lies & biases destroyed my career.